Wondershare MobileTrans software really makes wonderful life for Android users.

Recently, one of my friends had introduced me to a website, i.e. Wondershare. I had been browsing it for quite long and came across much useful software. They have many tools present that will make backup and restore quite easy. [Read more...]

Download OLX mobile app to post ads directly from your phone.

OLX has been growing tremendously ever since it has started. The concept is very clear; you can sell your old/ new goods to thousands of potential buyer around the world.  However, you have to keep certain things in mind before you make a deal with anyone like meet them at public places and have a look at the goods before actually purchasing it. I have used it twice recently, for selling off my old PC and mobile phone and mind you, it was super easy. The moment you post the ad, you will start receiving responses. [Read more...]

Things to consider before buying smartphone.

Today’s life cannot be imagined without a mobile phone. The need for communication among people has led to the overcoming of spatial differences. Only a few decades ago we could not even imagine that we will be able to talk, at any place and anytime, with someone who’s thousands of miles away. Today’s technology allows us even to see the person talking on the phone. Until recently it all was in the field of science fiction. [Read more...]

$500 guest blogging contest at Techywood.

Techywood has recently organized guest blogging contest and is giving out prizes worth $500 to winners. All you have to do is write a guest post with no copied content and get it published on their site. Once your post gets approved, you have to write a post on your blog just like this one and start promoting it. I have also entered in this contest by submitting this post titled “Best Browsers in 2014”. [Read more...]

Samsung, LG Competes to Relish Kitkat

It has been revealed secretly that android developers are now focusing on their latest version named KitKat that would soon be available in all the android devices in market. Critics say that both leading smart phone dealers named Samsung Inc and LG electronics are desperate to launch up the latest version of Google operating system named 4.4.2 KitKat. This latest operating system hangout with brilliant application features. [Read more...]

How to Improve Cell Phone Signals in the Recreational Vehicles

     Keeping a Recreational Vehicle and then traveling by it could be one of the best approaches to see the world. It permits you to travel in the most comforting ambiance while the other options you could have are to sleep in the camps or in open air. Furthermore RV’s also gives you the chance to even travel towards the remotest areas while staying in your comfort zone along with all the things and gadgets that are necessary for you. On the other hand the most vital issue that the RV owners face is the poor network reception. While some think about that as an unavoidable consequence of traveling, there are choices for enhancing poor mobile phone signals so you can stay connected with the world even if you are visiting the far flung regions. [Read more...]

How to protect your expensive Android phone with affordable accessories

Do you think that Android phones are expensive? Many people live in the belief that the Android phone is too expensive and unattainable for them. Most do not know (or initially did not know) that Android is an operating system made by the mighty Google. You can now buy a phone with Android operating system at affordable price. [Read more...]

Keep Your Kids Safe with Free Cell Phone Spyware

Getting overly worried about your kids who are grown up and think that all their misdoings will go unidentified? Not anymore. You can very well keep a control on your chaotic kids by installing cell phone spy software. You can be rest assured that they are making healthy choices. Most of the children are quite independent nowadays. Instead of letting them know that you are encroaching on their privacy, you can easily find out what they are so busy with all the time. It is quite obvious that you would want your kids to focus on their studies rather than using a range of applications that help them to chat, gossip for free, download songs, movies, wall papers etc. These are but obvious quite lucrative applications when one uses their smart phone; however, maintain a perfect balance and keeping your priorities high will help your kids to lead a benefiting life. This is sure what you want as well, right? And so, with the advancement of technology, there is a new add-on in the form of mobile phone tracking software. In every way, it is only benefiting the users. [Read more...]