MobiKwik review: Recharge and pay bills on the go.

In this world of mobile computing, each and every one of us owns a smartphone. Who doesn’t want to? The amount of features provided are incredible. You can check your health, get directions on the go, find hotels, spa around you, etc. MobiKwik offers an easy to use UI for end users so that you can recharge easily without any hassles. I have used it couple of times and found it very useful. [Read more…]

Contract vs off-contract phones – The best option to have

Within the scope of this guide I’ll let you know the exact different between contract vs off-contract phones so that you can find out which one to opt for. Both of these plans have their own benefit while contract plans aren’t available in every country of this world. If you live in developing countries then you may have option to opt for Virgin Media’s contract phones or from any other brand which is popular and available in your country. So come with me throughout the comparison and I’ll let you know exactly which one to opt for. [Read more…]

Deal Guru By Ask Me Bazaar to Get the Best Deals

The trend of online shopping has been on the rise since its advent a few years ago, so much so that even people in rural areas are now known to shop online. Almost half of the world’s population now has access to the internet which makes it easier to order anything from anywhere and pay whichever way you want. So it’s only natural that online shopping websites will try to attract more and more people with lucrative deals and discounts. So when I came across this shopping website called, I was surprised they offer so many discounts on a range of different products, like a one stop shop for everything. Let’s see what so special about this website. [Read more…]

Use Torrents While Being Completely Anonymous with TorGuard

Hello Everyone! In this post I am going to tell you people one of the important and exciting thing, which will help you to bluff your ISP. Torrents! How many of us don’t use these? Probably not even one, everyone one who uses internet is now accustomed of using Torrents. But do you people know that excessive use of downloading, I mean downloading too much of torrents will get you a Harrowing letter from your ISP? Yes! You might not know this, but the ISP keeps track on what we are doing online, does not mean, they are spying you all the time, but they keep track on every one who uses their internet services. So this is where using Torrent Proxies and VPN (Virtual Private Network) helps, by using VPN you can make sure that you internet activities like downloading torrents, movies are not being tracked. [Read more…]

Install Ask Me and Make Your Phone Your Best Friend

Let’s start this post with a famous phrase:- “A Friend in need is a friend indeed.”

With this article, I will introduce you to an Android app that will help you in your every need. The name of this amazing application is Ask Me. Ask is the first every Indian classified ads application that has catered to millions of user. It’s an application made by Getit Infoservices Pvt Ltd. and is endorsed by a very famous Bollywood actor, Ranbir Kapoor. Let get to know this app and its awesome features. [Read more…]

Top 5 competitors of HTC Desire 516.

HTC has launched its latest eye catching marvel smart phone – the HTC Desire 516 this year, with the intention of targeting at the mid-end and low-end market segment, this cheap but high end Smartphone pricing around RS 14,200 in the Indian market. The smart handset of HTC has added up to the competition level of the prevailing in the Indian Smartphone industry.

The previous launch of the company, Desire 816 is a grand success, and now the company has decided to expand its success roots in the industry and so comes the Desire 516. With the handsome price tag of the HTC Desire 516, this smartphone is giving tough competition to its peers. This latest launched model of HTC would save huge costs. Though stuffed with all the desired starred features of a Smartphone, this latest model of HTC stands in the lane of high end competition. With great affordability this Smart gadget of HTC is giving good competition to its rivals. [Read more…]

Wondershare MobileTrans software really makes wonderful life for Android users.

Recently, one of my friends had introduced me to a website, i.e. Wondershare. I had been browsing it for quite long and came across much useful software. They have many tools present that will make backup and restore quite easy. [Read more…]

Download OLX mobile app to post ads directly from your phone.

OLX has been growing tremendously ever since it has started. The concept is very clear; you can sell your old/ new goods to thousands of potential buyer around the world.  However, you have to keep certain things in mind before you make a deal with anyone like meet them at public places and have a look at the goods before actually purchasing it. I have used it twice recently, for selling off my old PC and mobile phone and mind you, it was super easy. The moment you post the ad, you will start receiving responses. [Read more…]