Giveaway 1- Get a chance to win cash prize worth $100.

We are happy to announce our first giveaway on our blog, Droidtechblog. New Year is around the corner so you all might be looking for some good deals at best price. But after reading this post, you will be relieved to know that you won’t have to spend even a penny. Curious to know how this is possible? Read on.

 Sponsors of the cash prize giveaway:

Youthmarathi and Droidtechblog have together agreed to give away a cash prize worth $100 for two lucky winners. You can expect more giveaways in future too.

cash prize giveaway contest

cash prize giveaway contest

Eligibility for participation in the cash prize giveaway:

We do not have any hard and fast rules. Only thing needed for participation is a valid PayPal ID for receiving cash in case you win and you must be 18+ to enter. So, this is an international giveaway and anywhere around the world with valid PayPal address is eligible to participate.

Cash prizes for winners:

There will be two random winners generated at the end of giveaway on 1st January 2014 by PunchTab itself. The cash prize will be as follows:

1st winner: $75 straight to PayPal account.

2nd winner: $25 straight to PayPal account.

How to win the cash prize giveaway?

It’s quite simple. Just complete all the steps in the widget below and you are done. No additional things are required. Follow all the steps in the widget below to get maximum points.

Note: More points do not guarantee that you will always win; it will just increase your chances of winning. The selection of winner will be done randomly by the PunchTab and their decision will be final. There should be no claim regarding the false selection of winner.

***Terms and Conditions of the giveaway: ***

  • To participate in this giveaway, you must be 18 years and above.
  • Anyone can join this giveaway, as long as you have valid PayPal ID. It is expected that you provide valid email address, so that we can contact you in future if you win.
  • The winners of this giveaway will be announced on 1st January, 2014. Two random winners will be generated by Punchtab widget.
  • The decision of Punchtab is final and cannot be challenged otherwise.
  • Do not use any false means for getting more entries. If found, will be removed from the contest and not allowed for future participation in any of the contest.
  • Selected winners will be notified by email. In case there is no reply from winners within 72 hours, other winners will be selected.

Enter the giveaway:

Just use PunchTab widget below to enter.

I guess you are ready to get over hood now. :D All the best to participants. In case of any query, you can contact me at muj dot 8 dot 93 at Gmail dot com or on Facebook.

Enter your email address:

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  1. I m a student with no job right now and my phone is dead, so money- new phonee ^^

  2. Some paypal cash

  3. Jamie Leigh Martin says:

    Some of the FB like links don’t work!

  4. Thank you for this awesome giveaway!
    I wish good luck to everybody and cross my fingers…

  5. Step 6 and 7 don’t work because Facebook claims your links are spam. Step 11 doesn’t work because that Twitter account requires requesting friendship, so the PunchTab app won’t know when the request has been accepted.

    • Hello, i have removed the old links and replaced them with new ones so everyone gets same number of points. And the twitter account is also public, so you may visit again and follow, to get more entries.


    2 of the blogs you need to like are either removed or not working so you can’t use his for the contest points.

  7. Please don’t use this crappy widget, Punchtab. Do you know how many entry options failed because it doesn’t work?

    Let me count them:
    1- couldn’t like the page because of blocked link
    2- couldn’t like the page
    3- couldn’t follow @mujtaba93 because his Twitter account is protected. PunchTab only counts entries when you actually physically follow the person and the “Twitter follow” button is recessed.
    4- was taken down so there’s nothing to see there

    Can we stop trying to be like MUO and using shitty widgets that don’t even work?

    • Thanks for pointing it out! I have removed the blocked links ( and deleted links ( which were not able to like. Also, @mujtaba93 is set to public now, so you should be able to follow and earn points. And as far as Punchtab is concerned, i saw it on other sites and liked it a lot so i gave it a try. Anyways, in future i will keep in mind not to use it again! Thanks for your valuable feedback.

      • Thanks for the reply!!! Yeah, I know which blog you are talking about. Unfortunately, despite these serious issues, their contest organizer is a douche and he refuses to try anything new. That means other blogs copy them but they don’t realize how bad it is :(

        There are other tools out there. I personally like Giveaway Tools (, I think) and Rafflecopter. They are usable :)

        Have a great rest of your weekend Mujtaba :)

  8. Fatjola Memishaj says:

    Thanks for this great giveaway! I am an IT student and I need a small tablet for my studies!!

  9. I would love to win this prize.

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