Samsung Galaxy S4 price in US, India.

The all new powerful performer, Samsung galaxy S4 had already become popular owing to the rumors about it and growing searches for it. However, it was announced officially at New York on 14th March at an event held by Samsung. The S4 smartphone runs on latest Google’s android OS, i.e. Android Jellybean but Samsung has worked hard on this device to make it stand out from other android devices. You can call it a smartphone which can see you, hear you and feel you. It has many features which no other ones have at least today.

So what makes it outstanding? Read on.

Top features of Samsung Galaxy S4 you will fall in love with:

#1- Smart pause/ smart scroll:

Samsung has taken the Galaxy S3’s Smart feature a step further, it senses when you look at the display of the phone or away from it. So if you are watching a video and look away from the phone, the video will be paused automatically and resumed when you look at the screen again. Isn’t it amazing?

#2- You can control your Samsung Galaxy S4 with air gestures:

You might be already familiar with this concept through Samsung smart LED TV’s. With air gestures, you can simply wave your hand in order to answer or reject a call, change a song track, browse your image galleries without touching the phone. You can also read emails by hovering your finger over the screen.

#3- Group play:

Group play will allow you to instantly view or open documents, music, videos on other galaxy S4 devices. Moreover, you will also be able to connect multiple S4 devices so that you can play games together. It uses Wi-Fi to bridge a connection.

Samsung galaxy s4 image
S4 image

#4- S Voice Drive:

S Voice was first introduced on the Galaxy S3, but it didn’t work up to expected standards as it failed to recognize voice commands. But Samsung has not stopped from expanding the S Voice. With S Voice drive, you can control your phone with your voice. Isn’t it cool? The S Voice Drive is expected to read out text messages, temperatures, make calls and provide turn by turn driving navigation’s and more.

#5- S-Health to monitor your health:

It has got features even for the health lovers. You can keep a track of your workouts, calories intake, blood pressure and blood glucose levels. For these features to work, you will need to have S Band and heart rate monitor accessories.

#6- You can also measure temperature and humidity with Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone:

Till date, almost all the android smartphones included only gyro and proximity sensors, but Galaxy S4 comes with temperature and humidity sensors to give you the current status of the surroundings.

#7- Dual camera features:

Samsung Galaxy S4 allows you to shoot simultaneously from its main 13 megapixels and front facing 2 megapixels camera. So you can now share a peek of your surrounding while you are on a video call with ease.

#8- Sound and shot feature:
This is an interesting feature on this device. It allows S4 users to record an audio of up to 9 seconds when you are taking an image so that your image looks livelier and interesting. You do not have to just see images when you can actually listen to them ;)
Rear view image of samsung galaxy s4
#9- Drama shot:

It is a feature similar to the burst mode. Suppose you are trying to get a good shot of a person running, than you can use this feature to get the best pic of all captured ones. It enables you to capture up to 100 images in as low as 4 seconds. Isn’t that cool?

#10- S-translate on Samsung Galaxy S4:

This tool enables you to translate voice and text on the fly. It is integrated with email and SMS app and also available as a standalone app.

Well, in short, the Galaxy S4 is loaded with features. Here is the review of the this awesome device by Samsung.

Image source: Mashable.

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